Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Spelling City - A Closer Look

Spelling City is a site I've been exploring a lot lately and must say am throughly impressed.  This has to be one of, if not one of the best sites I've come across for spelling and vocabulary for a long time.  Also, this is a multifaceted site that can be used by educators, parents, or students.

Once an account is created the first thing a user will be able to do is a create a list.  These lists are custom made and can be any word the user likes.  One of the coolest features of SC is how a word entered in a list is provided w/ a definition and a sentence.  Again, as w/ most things in Spelling City these definitions and sentences can be customized.  These lists can also be assigned groups for organization purposes.

After a list is made a user has the ability to then play and search through different games that incorporates these lists.  More games and features are available for those w/ a paid premium membership.  These games are interactive and divided up between Spelling and Vocabulary.  Also, these games can be turned into worksheets and printed out.

Students can then be created by giving them a username and password.  They can then be assigned to assignments which is one of the best features of Spelling City.  Assignments are created by selecting a word list and choosing what areas to add such as: games, "teach me" (an innovative way to learn a word), writings, etc.  Instructions can then be left for students as well as a due date.

Some other nice features are:
  • online video tutorials
  • very easy to use and user friendly
  • ability to share and search already existing lists by category
  • broad in spectrum for varying age levels such as:
    • worksheets and alphabetical for younger kids
    • writing skills practice and parts of speech for older kids
  • ability to create printables/worksheets
  • premium membership offers lots of features such as student tracking, best activities, no ads, etc
  • more features are always coming
I highly highly recommend checking out Spelling City by clicking here!!!


  1. I highly recommend VocabularySpellingCity, too! I have been using the site for 3 or 4 years and wouldn't teach without it. We play the online games daily on our interactive whiteboard during literacy centers. During math centers, we use the math vocabulary lists under the Teacher Resources tab. My favorite part of the site is that I can give my spelling and vocabulary tests online. I never have to grade a set of spelling tests again!

  2. VocabularySpellingCity is great. Thanks for highlighting it. My students’ favorites games:

    Unscramble, Hangman(HangMouse), Crossword Puzzle, WordSearch, and Word-O-Rama Game Show.


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