Monday, March 26, 2012

10 Sites to use with Mobile Phones in Education

The use of mobile technology has opened up a whole new world in education.  Terms like BYOD (bring your own device) is a common place occurrence.  These devices has allowed educators and students to learn, teach, and study in a whole new way.  Learning is no longer limited to the classroom and can occur in real-time almost anywhere.  I've decided to list my favorite sites that can be used w/ mobile phones for educational purposes.

This list is in alphabetical order.

10 Sites to use w/ Mobile Phones in Education
  1. Audioboo - A great site w/ mobile apps for all platforms, for recording one's voice and then embedding it into a site/blog.
  2. - Is an instant mobile network for connecting people and tracking topics.  Also, a great way to manage cell phones from a web environment.
  3. ClassPager - CP takes the classroom "clicker" to the next level through the use of text messaging, polling, Q/A, and the ability to update students/parents at any time.
  4. ClassParrot - A safe and simple way to text students.  This is a great way to send class reminders, updates, and allow for parents to receive texts too.
  5. gText - A great site for free group texting.  A user can send texts, files, photos, and more.
  6. SnappSchool - This is a great site to engage parents for free w/ SS messenger.  Also, a user can send class wide updates by text message or email straight from their phone.
  7. StudyBlue - A great way to study online flashcards, quizzes, or study guides.  Also, there is a free mobile app for SB for all platforms.
  8. StudyBoost - A great way to study on a cell phone through text messaging and SMS.
  9. TXTNLRN - A innovative site for teaching and learning through text messaging.  Everything associated w/ this site such as signing up for a class is all done through the use of texting.
  10. Wiffiti - This is a great site that allows users from a cell phone to send texts to a display or screen.  A new version w/ more features is coming soon.


  1. I use StudyBlue with Evernote and as a standalone app. I'll check out the others. Thanks!

  2. Mobile phones have allowed educators and students to learn, teach, and study in a whole new way. But some teachers resist cell phone use in class because they think of it as a phone or an entertain device only. Thanks for sharing it....
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