Thursday, October 4, 2012


FluencyFinder is a Reading Assessment tool designed for the iOS for grades 1st - 5th.  This app was developed by educators to help save teachers save time testing and spend more time teaching.  This is done through a very innovative and user friendly interface that makes assessing quick, easy, and effective.

What makes FluencyFinder so great is how easy and effective it is to use.  All a user has to do to get started is download the app and start creating their class of students the mobile app.  Once a student is created a teacher can begin their assessment by choosing 1 of the 6 Reading passages designed for that grade level (30 total 6 per grade.  From the FF website a teacher would print out their selected passage and then have the student start reading while pushing the start button on their mobile device's timer.  While a student reads they would push the plus or minus button on their mobile device to track and mark mistakes.

That's it.  Once the student is finished the teacher would hit the stop timer button and get instant real-time results.  All of the student's data is tracked and stored via the mobile device.  FluencyFinder does it all so it saves teacher's time and tracks their results while teacher's can focus on assessing student's reading fluency.  Also, FF is great for Special Ed and ESL/ELL for those needing help or reinforcing the English language.

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Below is a brief demo video....

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