Monday, October 1, 2012

Kids Flashcard Maker

Kids Flashcard Maker is a wonderful iOS app by INKids for creating beautiful looking interactive flashcards.  These flashcards can contain recorded audio, video, images, etc.  They are ideal for teachers looking to teach kids words or other concepts.  Also, students can create their own flashcard decks for Spelling practice and more.

I highly recommend checking out Kids Flashcard Maker by clicking here!!!

For 15 sites for creating flashcards click here.

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  1. I had just visited your list of 15 sites for creating flashcards and, as you recommended. Those sites are all pretty good, I have heard of most of them before. I also want to recommend you my favorite flashcard generator -
    It supports many mobile platforms and has many great functions such as game mode, like and share via facebook... You really should add this to your flashcard generator list too!


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