Monday, October 15, 2012


Meograph is a new (beta) site I've posted about that is ideal for four dimensional digital storytelling.  This is done in a very innovative way that incorporates: video, Google Maps, and Google Earth.  Once a story/video is finished it can then be shared w/ others by embedding into a site/blog.

Also, there are some new features set to debut this week such as:

  • Geo optional: Now it's optional whether to add location to moments of your story.  Keeps authoring easy, keeps context when desired, and dramatically expands the range of stories you can tell with Meograph.  Check out updated examples at
  • Browser support: Meographs can be authored now in any browser.  Playback continues to work everywhere, including mobile.
I highly recommend checking out Meograph by clicking here!!! 

For my Pinterest board on Digital Storytelling Sites & Apps click here.

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