Wednesday, February 27, 2013

100 Educational iOS Apps

Mobile Learning and BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) is the latest craze in education.  Mobile devices are transforming the way teachers are teaching and students are learning.  The term "Flipped Classrooms" is becoming more mainstream in which teachers are using online methods to teach and students are using mobile devices to learn.  While there are 1000's of educational iOS apps, I decided to curate a list into a 100 to help educators.  I created a list that covers a wide variety of areas and I hope will be beneficial to not only students but teachers as well.

*This list is in alphabetical order and will not include the price due to the constant change and deals on mobile apps.

  1. 5 Dice: Order of Operations - A nice iOS app that is ideal for teaching the Math concept of Order of Operations.  Also, a nice feature is the ability of a whiteboard that students can use to solve the problems.
  2. 9 Slides - A great iPad app for adding video & audio narration to a slideshow/presentation.
  3. Adam Dream: Numbers Nightmare - A fun puzzle/numbers game for iOS devices that my kids love to play.
  4. Alien Buddies - A nice iOS app ideal for kids ages 3-7 w/ a wide variety of activities such as: matching, puzzles, dot-to-dot, and stickers.
  5. Amazing Alex - This is a neat iOS game from the creators of Angry Birds that is ideal for those teaching Rube Goldberg machines.
  6. Animation Desk - A great easy to use iPad app for turning drawings into animations.
  7. Answer Pad - A innovative app that removes the paper from test taking and allows educators to create interactive test sheets that the students use on their iPads.  Also, lots of new features to come such as the ability to use the iPad as a clicker and have students answer verbal questions on  it.
  8. Astroloquiz - A neat iPad app that based around the 12 zodiac signs.  A student answers a variety of ethical questions to get a detailed understanding of their personality based on the zodiac.  Also, there is a interactive glossary w/ over 90 definitions.
  9. Artist Corner - A nice easy to use iPad for creating digital art and then sharing w/ others.
  10. Basher's Presidents - One of my favorite iOS apps for learning about the US presidents.  This app has a flash card w/ an image president as well as a fact.  Also, this app tests students in a game of arranging presidents in the correct order.
  11. BrainPop - A great iOS app based on the popular website, where a student watches an animated video and then takes a short followup quiz.
  12. Brainstormer - One of my favorite iOS apps that is ideal for generating a random word prompt based on: subject, setting, and style.
  13.  C-Fit - A series of iOS videos to give students a 10 min break from schoolwork for exercise.
  14. Celly - A very popular iOS app for creating a "cell" which is a private social network that only invited members can join through texting.
  15. ClassDojo - A wonderful iOS app based on the popular behavior management site.
  16. Color & Draw for Kids - A nice iOS app for coloring and drawing that also allows kids to sketch over their own photos and trace letters as well.
  17. Comic Life - One of the most popular comic making sites now has a mobile app.
  18. Dinosaur Train Classic in the Jurassic Jr - A terrific iPad app that focuses on three areas of math such as: counting, using a balance, and sorting.
  19. Doceri - A ideal iPad app for educators that allows them to screencast, remote desktop to another computer, as well as use as an interactive whiteboard.
  20. Earth School - An educational iOS app that teaches kids (2-6 yrs) about the big bang theory in a variety of activites and games.
  21. EasyBib - A wonderful iOS app for creating a bibliography by scanning a barcode of a book or typing the name of a book.
  22. eCove - A nice app for administrators that works w/ the eCove software for doing staff and student evaluations.
  23. Educreations - One of the most popular iPad apps for educators for turning the iPad into a recordable whiteboard.
  24. Electric Slide - A nice iOS app that allows users to use their iOS device to remote control slideshows.
  25. Experience Life - A innovative iPad app that is ideal for MS/HS students and Health/Biology teachers for learning about the different electrical systems in the body and how it responds to stimuli.
  26. FluencyFinder - The perfect iOS app for educators for assessing a students Reading Level grades 1st-8th, w/ the ability to get instant real-time results.  Also, future updates will include comprehension questions as well as the ability to email results via a push of a button. 
  27. FreeSpeech - A nice iPad app for Special Ed teachers and students who have difficulty speaking.  A teacher can record their voice to a image to help students understand.
  28. Gazziliworld - A nice site for finding a variety of educational iOS apps for PreK students.
  29. GoClass - A great all-in-one solution for the iPad where educators create lessons/assignments on the web and students complete them on the iPad.  Also, a nice way to track and manage students.
  30. Gooru Collections - A great iPap app for download a wide variety of educational resources for Math/Science students 5th-12th grade.
  31. Grading Game - A fun iOS app for finding grammar and typing errors.  A nice way for students to learn correct Writing skills.
  32. i Tell a Story - A fantastic iOS app for telling a story similar to how one creates a podcast on Garageband.
  33. iBooks Author - An educators dream come true where a teacher can create their own interactive digital textbook.
  34. Haiku Deck - A popular iPad app for making stunning looking slideshows/presentations.
  35. Imageloop - A nice simple iOS app for creating slideshows and sharing w/ others.
  36. InClass - A great all-in-one solution for students for taking/sharing notes, organizing classes, and much more.
  37. iStudiez Pro - A nice iOS app for HS students on up for keeping track and organizing their classes, homework, and more.
  38. iTeacherBook - A wonderful iOS app for teachers that allows them to track their students assignments, take attendance, grade, and much more.
  39. Kids Flashcard Maker - A great iPad app for making interactive flashcards w/ photos or videos.
  40. Kids Fun - This is a fun iOS app for younger kids that has over 70 games and activities teaching out animals and nature.
  41. Kids Movies - A nice little iOS app for finding rated G movies for kids.
  42. Kindertown - A nice iOS app for helping teachers/parents find educational apps.
  43. Knowmia (Teach) - A terrific iPad app for teachers to create and record lessons.  These lessons can include: text, images, and videos and can be uploaded to the Knowmia website.
  44. Learn Spanish for Kids - A nice bilingual app for teaching kids either the Spanish or English language through the use of animals, colors, and numbers.
  45. LetterSchool - A very cool iOS app for teaching students how to recognize and write letters and numbers.
  46. Level It Books - A excellent and handy iOS app for anyone who wants to get a Reading Level or Lexile score for a book.  All a user has to do is scan in the book's ISBN number to get a Reading Level.  Also, a teacher can track and manage books, search by title, or create their own book entry.
  47. Little Digits - A nice little app (no pun intended) for kids to learn how to count and associate counting on fingers.
  48. Maily - A innovative iPad app that teaches kids how to email in a safe environment.
  49. Marble Math - A  cool iOS app for kids ages 9-12 for multiplication and division.  Students have to guide a marble through a variety a mazes avoided objects and solving problems.
  50. Math Dojo - A fun iOS app that my kids love for teaching addition through the use of a fighting style game.
  51. Math Minute Madness - A terrific iOS app for learning different concepts of Math such as: addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.
  52. MiniMod Drawing Conclusions - A cool iOS app for Reading/Comprehension that has students draw conclusions by answering questions to a reading passage.
  53. Moody Monster Manor - A fun iOS app for the younger kids for learning about their emotions through different games/activities.
  54. Mindsnacks - A wonderful collection of iOS apps for foreign language and vocabulary, w/ more subjects soon to follow.
  55. Miracle of Life - A beautiful looking iPad app ideal for Health teachers and parents teaching about the different stages of the human growth cycle.
  56. Mobicip - Is a safe browser for iOS devices where teachers or parents can customize their own filter and track kids browsing history.
  57. My Story - A terrific iPad app for kids who can create a digital story by drawing or uploading photos and recording audio.
  58. My Word Wall - A very nice app for young students (and ESL) learning how to read and recognize words and letters.  Kids listen to a word while associating it w/ a letter and picture.
  59. myCreate - A excellent iPad app for creating stop motion animations.  Ideal for digital storytelling.
  60. myHomework - A great mobile app for helping students keep their school life organized by setting reminders, tracking classes/homework, and more.
  61. Nearpod - One of the most popular all-in-one solution for the iPad where teachers can create interactive content/lessons and share them w/ students on their mobile devices.
  62. Numbers League - A very innovative and super fun iPad app for students learning basic math skills.  This app allows up to 4 players to play at once and integrates they use of comic book superheroes and villains.
  63. Piano Dust Buster - A great iOS game that helps teach kids how to play the piano by tapping the key that germs land on.
  64. PicknSpell - A fun little iOS app for spelling that helps young students recognize words by picking out the images they see.
  65. Pixntell - A fantastic iOS app for adding audio to pictures to tell a story.
  66. Pirate Pop - A cool iOS app that lets students play as a pirate as they fire a cannon to answer multiplication problems.
  67. Presidents vs Aliens - The second iOS app on my list for learning about presidents that uses a more game style where students "unlock" presidents while they play through the game.
  68. Puppet Pals - A very fun iPad app for digital storytelling where students can create their own characters/puppets and move them around the screen while recording their audio.
  69. Quipper Quiz - A nice iOS app for students to learn by taking a short quiz on any number of subjects on their mobile devices.
  70. Recycle Hero - One of my favorite iOS apps that teaches my kids about recycling through the use of educational games.
  71. Remind101 - A great iOS app for using a mobile device to keep in touch w/ students and parents through the use of texting.
  72. Rover - A safe browser for students on the iPad that also allows them to access flash content.
  73. ScootPad - A iPad app that integrates w/ the popular learning platform for common core standards in Math, Reading, Spelling, and Writing.
  74. SendHub - A fantastic iOS app for getting a unique # to keep in touch w/ parents and students.  This is a great way to keep send group text messages as reminders to parents/students as well as keep current on classroom happenings.
  75. Sentence Builder - A fantastic iPad app for teaching students how to write grammatically correct sentences.
  76. ShowMe - An ideal app for teachers that turns their iPad into an interactive whiteboard.
  77. Simple Learning 123 - A nice site for the youngsters that teaches them how to count in 3 different languages using the methods of: touch, site, and sound.
  78. SlideShark - A neat iOS app that lets users view and share powerpoint presentations on their mobile devices.
  79. SonicPics - A very popular iOS app for digital storytelling by adding and syncing audio to photos.
  80. Spelling Hero - A great iOS app for helping students not only learn how to spell but provide pronunciation and definitions to words as well.
  81. SpellingCity - A terrific iOS app that interacts w/ the popular SpellingCity website (access teacher's word lists) and lets students play educational Spelling/Vocabulary games on their mobile device
  82. Story Dice - A interesting iOS app for creating writing prompts or story starters by rolling dice to select: plot, character, and setting.
  83. Story Patch - A wonderful iPad app for digital storytelling that takes students through the different steps of story creation.
  84. StorySmith - A fun iPad app for creating a digital story by adding: text, objects, and backgrounds.
  85. Subtext - A very innovative iPad app that turns any book or document into a digital classroom.  This happens by being able to create discussions on any digital content by creating groups and annotating/writing content to engage learning.
  86. Symbaloo - The very popular bookmarking site for education is now available on iOS mobile devices.  Either students or teachers can access bookmarked sites already created in Symbaloo, or they can start bookmarking their own using the app.
  87. Teachers Tech - One of my favorite iOS apps for integrating technology into the classroom.  This app allows teachers to view web 2.0 tutorials on a wide variety of subjects to help implement them into the classroom.
  88. Teacher Tilly - A fun iOS app for toddlers and preschoolers that help teaches them about shapes, organizing, and sorting through the use of puzzles.
  89. Tell a Tale - A fun iPad app for telling a story based on predetermined sentences and pictures.
  90. Tellagami - A cool iOS app for digital storytelling where a user creates an avatar and record their voice or types text to tell a story.
  91. Timeline 3D - An innovative iOS app that integrates w/ the website to create stunning 3D timelines.
  92. Timeline Maker - A wonderful iPad app for making chronological timelines by combining text and images.
  93. TinyTap - An educational iPad app that allows kids to create their own games by recording audio, adding images, and drawing.
  94. Toontastic - My favorite iPad for digital storytelling where students can select characters/objects and move them around a background while recording their voice.
  95. Trace Letters - A nice app for the youngsters to learn how to write and recognize letters/numbers.
  96. uSpeak (Learn Spanish) - A great iPad app that teaches people how to learn Spanish through 6 educational games.
  97. VidRhythm - A fun app for creating a music video by uploading video, adding a style/effect, and select a musical background.
  98. VoiceThread - One of the most popular Web 2.0 sites for digital storytelling is now on mobile devices.
  99. WeWantApps - A handy iOS app that is similar to Kindertown in which it lets users find educational apps by searching through: subject, price, language, and platform.
  100. Write On - A fantastic iPad app that not only teaches kids the alphabet but it teaches them how to write in block/cursive as well.
For more Educational iOS Apps check out my Pinterest board and Edshelf collection.

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