Thursday, February 14, 2013

Biteslide Student Competition

Biteslide is one of my favorite educational Web 2.0 sites for teachers/students.  This is a free site that allows teacher to manage/track students accounts and progress, no student email is needed.  What is Biteslide?  Biteslide is an innovative site for Project Based Learning that allows students to create a "slidebook" which is similar to a digital scrapbooks.  These books are interactive and allow students to upload all kinds of content (ie. text, video, images, etc).  Once these books are created they can be shared w/ others online in a safe environment.

Right now Biteslide is offering a student competition based on a favorite historical figure.  The rules are quite simple...

  • Student's create a one page slidebook
  • Enter a class or student as many times as they like
  • Download and email slides to
  • All slides will be pinned to
The winning student will receive their slidebook on a printed canvas to be displayed in class or at home.

For more details click here!!

*Biteslide is a advertiser of Technology Tidbits.

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