Tuesday, February 12, 2013

BoomWriter News

BoomWriter is proud to announce that the Boys and Girls Clubs of Boston are using their cutting edge innovative web-based program to create collaborative stories.  This is being done in conjunction w/ BW's Technology Heroes Program.  The program brings together enthusiastic educators, local celebrities and corporate sponsors to promote literacy and inspire kids to become master storytellers through collaborative writing projects. The Boys & Girls Clubs of Boston will offer the Technology Heroes Program to members of their Clubs in Boston and Chelsea.

BoomWriter inspires children to bring their stories to life online and in print. The creative process starts with the first part of a story written by a professional writer. Students then are encouraged to write what they think should happen next in the story. After submitting their work online, students read the chapters of their peers and then vote for the most appealing chapter. Once the winning chapter is selected, it is added to the story and the process continues until a book is completed.  Using the generous support of corporate partners, BoomWriter will convert these stories into published books. Each participating club member will receive a free copy and the thrill of their name in print with their peers.

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