Wednesday, February 12, 2014

30hands Learning

30hands Learning is a company I've blogged about many times for their spectacular free mobile iOS app for digital storytelling/presentations... However, they also have a fantastic LMS (Learning Management System) that is an online community for educators and students.  This site "houses" all of the online activity students and creates an e-Classroom for students.

Educators can use this space to publish (public/private) to create courses, share lessons, assess/grade student projects, and more.  Best of all this educational portal allows for teachers to create and manage student accounts and share courses via a unique URL and login code.  This is a great way for educators to monitor student work, garner student feedback, and facilitate collaboration.

30hands the free mobile app has recently released a big update which allows users to easily upload a presentation to the "30hands cloud" via a tab/button.  This is a great for Guided or Fli
pped Learning as a teacher can upload a project/template and then have a student work on it at home.

I highly recommend checking out the 30hands Community by clicking here!!!
For the free iOS app click here!!!

*30hands is an advertiser of Technology Tidbits.

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