Wednesday, February 26, 2014

BoomWriter Lesson Plans

BoomWriter is a site/company I've worked w/ before has just released a number of lesson plans to help educators integrate BW into their curriculum.  For those that don't know what BoomWriter is, it's a fascinating innovative educational tool that educators are using around the world to turn their students into published authors.  This is all done in a safe environment built around an educational portal where teachers create and manage the student accounts.

The process to create a book is collaborative in nature and quite simple: a story starter is selected (or created from scratch) and each student takes place in writing the next chapter to follow, then anonymously the students read and choose which chapter they like best to include, and the process continues until the story/book is finished.  Upon completing the project an actual physical book can be ordered.  BoomWriter offers new teachers a free class copy of their first finished product and they also have a Technology Heroes program where every student can get their own published copy, for more info on that click here.

As to the BW lesson plans they are all aligned to Common Core Standards, developed by teachers, and are ideal for students grade 3 on up.

If you teach...
  • English Language Arts
  • Special Education
  • ELL
  • Gifted & Talented/Challenge Curriculum
  • Before or After School Programs
…then these lessons are sure to provide your students with a highly engaging and academically effective 21st century learning experience!
I highly recommend checking out BoomWriter Lesson Plans by clicking here!!!

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