Thursday, February 20, 2014


FluencyFinder the popular iOS app for Reading Assessment/Comprehension has just gotten better w/ their recent update.  The latest update allows for educators to now search through the 1st-8th Grade Reading passages, bigger buttons on the assessing screen, easier exporting features to share assessment/comprehension reports via email, and a new sleeker redesigned look for iOS 7.  To update FluencyFinder's data is simple, just update the app, and tap the migrate button which will transfer over all students and assessment data.

FluencyFinder has been getting lots of praise from educators all over the world on how easy it is to assess a student's Reading/Comprehension level.  All a teacher has to do is find a Reading passage on FF's website and print out which one they want to test their student on.  Then it's just a tap o
f a button to start timing as the student reads while the teacher taps (+) or (-) as they make or correct mistakes.  When the student is done reading, the teacher stops the time (or choose to move on to Comprehension questions) and gets instant real-time results.

I highly recommend checking out FluencyFinder by clicking here.

Here is more about what others are saying about FluencyFinder...

"I just assessed my entire 4th grade class in half the time it usually was so nice to not watch my stopwatch and finally be able to focus more effectively on the student's reading. My scores are right at my fingertips and I will be able to track them throughout the year. A true time saver with accurate and trackable results!! A MUST HAVE for all teachers!"
– iTunes App Store Review, 5-Star rating 

"As a lifelong advocate for a parent's role in their child's education and success, I very much appreciate this app. It gives parents a great tool for helping their child at home while supporting the role of the teacher at the same time. Thank you so much! Parents will find this very helpful!"
– iTunes App Store Review, 5-Star rating

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