Monday, April 28, 2014

BoomWriter Storytellers Camp

BoomWriter is a company I've worked w/ in the past and love blogging about.  They are known worldwide for their innovative way to integrate technology into classrooms through their collaborative writing process.  Their site w/ educational portal (i.e. safe for students no email necessary) allows teachers/students to collaborative create a book, get it published, and then get a free class copy (or order their own).

Last summer they launched their successful online virtual Summer Writing Camp and are doing it again this year.  This summer they have two different writing courses for students, Realistic Fiction and Mystery.  Each camp is only 1 week long (5 days for $99) and a child can take both if they like (discount for more then 1 child), and receive 1 free published book of their own creation.

For more information on this innovative fun Summer Camp click here!!!

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