Friday, April 11, 2014


Kahoot is a fantastic easy to use learning tool that can be used to Gamify a classroom.  The way this works is very similar to when a person goes to a restaurant/sports bar and then get a device to use to answer questions that are being displayed on the TVs.  The players then answer in real time and see the results up on the TV to see who was correct and leading w/ the highest score, etc.  Kahoot works very similarly like that.

The this works is the educators creates a free account and then the students join a session via a browser based device (this is great for mobile devices).  The educator then asks qu
estions (i.e. quizzes, polls, surveys, etc.) that the students try to answer first, while their results get displayed in real-time up on a screen.  The questions a user creates can include images, video, text, etc and is done through a very user friendly drag-n-drop interface.

This is a great tool for differentiating instruction as educators can find which areas that specific students may need help in.  Students can even be the leader and be the one to create a "Kahoot" (session) and quiz their peers.

I highly recommend checking out Kahoot by clicking here!!!

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