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Top 40 Web 2.0 Sites w/ Educational Portal

A while back I compiled a very important list of Web 2.0 sites that can be used in education.  The reason for this was a lot of sites that are beneficial for education require that a student has an email account to login.  This is very frustrating for educators that have to worry about district policy and CIPA/COPPA compliance to maintain student safety/privacy.  So, I compiled a list that had a educational portal that allowed an educator to create a student account or that is safe for use in education.  Since then, a number of new sites have been released that accomplish this as well persuading me to create a new updated list.

*This list is in alphabetical order.

Top 40 Web 2.0 Sites w/ Educational Portal

  1. Animoto Plus - One of the most popular web tools/apps for creating slideshows w/ free educational portal for schools.
  2. Answer Pad - A fantastic Student Response and Assessment System that uses an innovative graphical interface to help turn a teacher's classroom paperless (by doing testing on mobile devices) and assess students on any number of subjects in real-time using a free mobile app w/ digital portfolio capabilities.
  3. Been for Education - A innovative site  for collaboratively browsing the web w/ your class to incorporate different styles of teaching (i.e. Guided Instruction, Blended/Flipped Learning, etc.)  Best of all, educators create/monitor all student account activity.
  4. Biteslide - A fantastic site where educators create student accounts for making stunning slide book presentations that are ideal for Project Based Learning.
  5. BoomWriter - A terrific site for grades 3rd-8th that has students collaboratively writing a story/book while voting chapter by chapter on which one should be included.  Educators get to create the student the accounts and a finished product can then be published online and ordered.
  6. Buncee for Education - A wonderful site/app for creating beautiful/interactive presentations that can be embedded into a site or blog and educators can make and track the student accounts/assignments.
  7. ClassDojo - Widely used in classrooms throughout the world ClassDojo is an excellent free site/app that allows educators to manage student behavior and notify parents via the computer or mobile devices.
  8. Diigo - A very popular social bookmarking/annotating site that allows educators to share links w/ students for Guided and Project Based Learning.
  9. Drawp for School - A wonderful drawing app that integrates w/ a web portal where educators can create student accounts and share assignments/projects via the cloud or iPad.
  10. Edmodo - A safe learning environment for teachers and students.  A great all-in-one solution for education.
  11. EDpuzzle - One of my favorite safe site that does not require a student email to take a digital video and "make it your own".  This can be done by editing, cropping, adding a voice, etc.  Educators also have the ability to embed a quiz into the video for assessment and Flipped Learning.
  12. Flocabulary - A interesting site that allows teachers to share an educational account which allows access to educational hip-hop videos for learning and assessment.
  13. Gaggle - A great platform designed to making the web/mobile devices safe for students through built in filtering and more.
  14. Glogster EDU - A popular Common Core Aligned digital platform that allows educators to create student accounts for making interactive posters, signs, presentations, etc.
  15. GoAnimate for Schools - A excellent COPPA compliant site for making animated videos in a safe/secure environment.
  16. Google Apps for Education - nuff said...
  17. Kidblog - Quite simply the best blogging platform for students that does not require a student email to sign up.
  18. Kubbu - A great site for educators to make quizzes, crosswords, and puzzles and then analyze results w/out the need of student email addresses for accounts.
  19. LessonPaths - Formerly known as MentorMob EDU,  a fantastic site for creating learning playlists that can be use for Project Based/Guided Learning, a Flipped Classroom, and more.
  20. Little Bird Tales - A fun site/app for digital storytelling w/ lessons that are aligned to Common Core Standards.
  21. Metta - A fantastic site that can be used by students w/out the need of an email address for digital storytelling/presentations.  Educators can use it to Flip a Lesson or for Blended Learning by embedded a poll or quiz into a video.
  22. Mixbook for Educators - The educational portal for the great site for creating all types of digital/real books (i.e. yearbooks, scrapbooks, calendars, etc.).
  23. Musicshake Edu - A great way for students to create legal, copyright music right from the browser.
  24. Nanoogo - A fun site where students can create presentations, artwork, and more in a safe environment.  Also, educators can monitor all student/class activity but a parent's email address is needed for a student to sign up. 
  25. Myths & Legends - One of my favorite sites for digital storytelling in a safe environment set to a fantasy theme.
  26. PhotoPeach - A nice site for creating interactive slideshows where educators create/manage the student accounts and control all privacy settings.
  27. Pixton for Schools - A nice/safe site for students for creating digital comics where they login w/ a unique code.  This is a fun tool can be used for any curriculum for any grade level.
  28. Primary Access - A cool site for creating digital presentations that can be embedded into a site/blog w/out the need of a student email address.
  29. Scrawlar - A cool new web whiteboard/word processor where students don't signup and can share/save/collaborate via the cloud.
  30. SideVibe - A innovative site that takes bookmarks and turns them into lessons where teacher creates the class and students join via a unique code.
  31. Socrative - A wonderful Student Response System that students use for educational games and exercise on mobile devices.
  32.  SpellingCity - The best site around for Spelling/Vocabulary w/ educational portal and where educators can integrate word lists into educational games.
  33. Storybird for Schools - A terrific Literacy tool that educators can use to engage student's Reading/Writing skills.
  34. StoryJumper - A nice site for digital storytelling where students login w/ a unique code and even oder a copy of their book.
  35. ToonDooSpaces - A great site for digital storytelling in safe/private environment.
  36. Verso - A innovative site/app where educators can create Flipped Lessons that students can respond to.
  37. VoiceThread - A very popular Web 2.0 resource for educators and students to create dynamic presentations w/ narration and then embed them into a site.
  38. Weebly - One of if not the most popular site for students to create web pages in a safe environment where teachers manage their accounts.
  39. Zimmer Twins - A fantastic site for digital storytelling in a fun cartoon style site; that offers lots of options for how to use w/ student accounts.
  40. Zoho Wiki - A great resource for students to create a wiki or for educators to create online courses, lessons, presentations, and more.

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