Sunday, October 26, 2014

My Weather Book Pro Letter Tracing & Coloring Book

My Weather Book Pro is a fun educational iOS app that kids can use for word/letter recognition by tracing words and coloring pictures.  This is done in a easy to use interface where parents can select which style (i.e. bold, dotted) of letters can be traced, while the child can select their pictures to be included in their coloring book.  After that by tapping on a picture in the coloring book a user can then access the coloring, brush, drawing/writing tools to interact w/ the picture.  Best of all there is a microphone button that will speak the highlighted word.  This helps w/ word recognition as well as build up a child's vocabulary around the weather.

I highly recommend checking out My Weather Book Pro by clicking here!!!

For more info check out Edshelf.

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