Friday, October 10, 2014


Ozobot is a new robotic toy that is ideal for STEM and can be programmed.  Ideally, it will dray comparisons to the Sphero but is different enough that any school LRC or Science teacher can whip this out for some cool educational demonstrations!!!

Right out of the box Ozobot is a synch to sync up by just placing the little robotic orb on the calibration card.  That's it, a person can also calibrate on their mobile device (i.e. Android, iPhone/iPad, etc) by displaying a white image set to 50% brightness and pressing the button on the side.  For a cool little light display and to watch the Ozbots (2 in a box) in action place them on the colored "race track" and watch them go and light up to specific colors.

There are also 5 super fun games that can be downloaded for free (OzoPath, OzoDraw, OzoLuck, OzoGroove, and OzoRace.  Click here for more information on these games; some are multiplayer & some allows the Ozobots to dance and draw.  There are also paper templates that can be printed out that people can use w/ their Ozobots.  A person can even draw their own track in colored marker and watch the Ozobot go!!!

More detailes:

  • Independent Decisions - via Random Logic
  • Autonomous Cruising - via Precision Line-Sensing
  • Intelligent Gameplay - via Optical Commuication
  • Visual Feedback - w/ Multicolor LED Lighting
  • Thrill or Chill Speeds - using Dual MicroMotos
The box includes 2 Ozobots, Cards (racing track/instructions/calibration card), 2 USB chargers, 4 skins.

I highly recommend checking out Ozobot clicking here!!!

Below is a brief demo video...

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