Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Mac or PC

In working w/ computers everyday for the last ten years I get asked all the time what do I prefer Macs or PC’s...Well, my opinion of course is biased based on strictly using Mac’s but I do have some major reasons why I feel Mac’s are better for education.

Top 5 Reasons Mac’s are better for education:

1. Mac’s are more user friendly - for those users who are not familiar w/ either platform it is a lot easier to show somebody how to use a Mac.

2. Mac’s are lot less likely to get a virus - PC’s are not as secure on a “root” level and most viruses are built to attack PC’s.

3. Mac’s are a lot better value for your buck - while they are more expensive then PC’s, iLife alone makes it worth the value, plus it is a lot less likely to have to go in for repairs (unless of course you plan to run Linux)

4. You can run Windows on a Mac using Boot Camp, Parallel’s, Fusion, or any other number of Virtual Box.

5. Target Disk Mode - this is far away one of the most used features for a tech to troubleshoot user issues and can not be done on a PC.
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