Thursday, February 5, 2009


I've always been interested in video (probably stemming from my love of movies), but really in particular in the editing process. I guess you can say my "proverbial itch" was first scratched when I started to use iMovie. It then grew when I had the chance to mess w/ eZedia. From there I dabbled w/ Avid learning from the great Mr Pine; who in turn introduced me to Wirecast.

Wirecast is the ideal and affordable (if you consider $449.00 affordable) way to do professional quality webcasts/broadcasts in your school. Also, it is cross platform, very user friendly, and can handle HD, mutiple cameras, does backdrops w/ chroma-key, and titles/transitions on the fly. I used this to do morning announcements and have found it to be one of the greatest applications for video out there.

For more info on Wirecast and all it's features click here.
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