Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Screen Casting

Creating screen casts or online tutorials are such a great way to use technology in your classroom. It can be used to show a student “how to” do something, or used to record what is actually happening on a users desktop.

For example, if you wanted to show what a student is doing in Google Earth, you can use a screen recording application to do just that. Basically, anything that is happening on your screen can be recorded and then turned into a video to post anywhere (blog, website, etc)

Below is a list of my favorite screen recording apps:

1. Screen Flow - Far and away my favorite screen recording app. It can create spotlights, add sound effects, and zoom in/out. It is worth it’s hefty price tag due to the amazing things it can do!!

2. SnapZpro - Snapz is probably the most popular of the screen recording apps and very affordable. While it doesn’t have some of the robust features of Screen Flow, it is very user friendly and the easiest app to use.

3. Jing - What is so great about Jing is that it is open source and free. It has a very nice GUI to it and is rather easy to use, after the long install.

4. Screen Mimic - This is another great app w/ a lot of cool features such as audio dubbing and mouse control. It’s shareware so can be downloaded to test out before buying.

5. Flow Gram - By definition Flow Gram is not a true screen casting application. However, it does have some very unique features which make this one of the best Web 2.0 applications around.

6. Screenium - What I like about Screenium is that you can animate your screen casts, and even do movie in movie captures!!

7. Screen Flick - Nice app for $25.00.

8. Dream Capture - A nice little app for $9.95.

9. Sequence - Great app for $25.07

10. Screen Castle - free and easy to use just one click of a button
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  1. As a freeware screencast alternative, I've tried Camstudio, Wink, Jing, and a number of web-based options. Currently, I am using a freeware program called BB Flashback Express. You can find a review and download link at:

    It's definitely worth a look.



  2. Kelvin, thanks for the suggestions. I never heard of BB Flashback, and it's been so long since I've looked at Wink these were great!!


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