Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Bump Top

Bump Top is a new (beta) 3D desktop that allows users to have a very unique and fun experience while using their computer.

It's kind of hard to explain what BT is w/out seeing it in action. I happen to be using a very earlier Mac version, but there is a more stable version out there for Windows. That being said it still was very user friendly and had a nice intuitive design.

When BT is in use it replaces the current user's desktop. This desktop is completely customizable. For example, a person can make their file icon's either bigger/smaller, stack them, and even pin them to side walls for important items. While some user's might find this confusing they have a nice grid view they can use which is similar to what the standard is now.

I highly recommend checking out their video for a unique experience!!

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  1. I rather use RealDesk. Its way better and easier too, its only for Windows though=/
    But whatevs I love it!
    Here is a link


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