Thursday, December 24, 2009

Inside a Cyber Studio: Lesley Coe

Due to the popular response I've decided to issue two columns a week instead of one. I will post one at the beginning (monday/tuesday) of the week and then one at the end (friday). Otherwise, it would just take to long to get through all of them.
Keep in mind the questions might change from time to time (especially as technology changes), and I'm looking to provide other formats as well (audio/video).

I hope you all find this to be a fun/exciting journey as we get to learn a bit more about each other and why we love technology & education.

Lesley Coe

  1. Where do you live? Wake Forest, NC
  2. How long have you been working w/ technology/education? 3 years
  3. What OS/platform do you use for work? Windows
  4. What is your favorite Web 2.0/21st Century tool and why? Couldn't possibly pick one but for a school district as a whole I think the combination of Moodle and Google Apps would be perfect.
  5. What is the biggest misconception about technology? That it's treated differently than any other "tool" an educator would use in his/her classroom.
  6. What are the biggest hurdles you face as a technology educator? Insufficient technical staff funding.
  7. What has been your biggest success in technology integration? Helping teachers comfortably use and integrate new technologies in their lessons.
  8. What has been your biggest setback in technology integration? Lack of time/money to attend valuable professional development.
  9. Who/what has been your biggest inspiration in technology/education? The way technology lends itself so easily to differentiation.
  10. Where do you see technology integration heading in the future? Not sure.
  1. What is your favorite movie? The Princess Bride/When Harry Met Sally
  2. What is your favorite book? Books written by Nelson Demille ofen grab my attention very easily.

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