Thursday, January 28, 2010

iPad in Education

Now that Apple unveiled their new "toy", I was wondering what impact this might potentially have in the classroom.

I really think that there are endless possibilities when it comes for K-12 education.

Mobile Labs for El Ed can be replaced w/ easier to use iPad touch devices. 1 to 1 programs that are very expensive could become more affordable w/ the new iPad. Finally, imagine if it could create a truly "paperless" environment where the text book is obsolete and everything is purchased through their new "app", Books.

I know all of this is bit presumptuous but w/ a new version of iWorks built specifically for the iPad and the ability to sync w/ either a Mac or PC, this provides an excellent solution for an "Office" suite.

It just seems like there are so many great things that can still be done in brand new innovative ways, such as: blogging, podcasts, browsing, etc etc.

I'm curious to what others have to think about this matter as well.



  1. I think it has some potential in the future. Right now it doesn't seem like a great deal. I netbook, at half the price, can do much more and you can get all free apps. The iPad is all paid apps for the most part. The no multi-tasking is an issue too. You would have close each app in order to switch to another one.

    It has potential for fun and home use. I don't see it being that great of an educational tool yet.

    More of my thoughts on this:

  2. Dave, great thoughts, I didn't even think about the no multi-tasking. You're right that is a huge issue for educational purposes.

  3. When a new product like this is announced, I always wait for the second or third generation. The pioneers get to debug the product and offer good suggestions to Apple for future upgrades. The following generations are usually cheaper, faster and have better OS. Now we can imagine how to use them in education, and by the time the next gen is available maybe the budget will be too.

  4. Good article and I've been thinking about this as well. My hold up is this: if students use in the classroom as a productivity tool with iWork or some other production program, how do they get the files OFF the iPad? There's no direct USB port. The iPad would have to be synced with another machine I would guess. How does the iPad connect to a school network? I'm thinking of how we have kids turn in files now via DROP BOXES on the network; how would the iPad handle this? I'm intrigued by the new product but I also think there are some logitistical things that have to be considered before it can be used effectively as an "all in one tool" in the classroom.

  5. Chad, you're exactly right, getting the data off the iPad does present a bit of a logistics issue. My guess is some sort of syncing needs to be done which can be time consuming.

    Also, how would one manage these things on a network? Could RD be used (probably not), can they be imaged (maybe), etc etc

    I have a feeling Apple may have something up their sleeve and may release an educational version or an updated iPad in the future to accomplish these needs.


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