Thursday, January 28, 2010


Thinklinkr is a site I just learned about from Richard Byrne's amazing blog. TL is a site for making online/collaborative outlines. This is classic web 2.0.

What makes Thinklinkr such a great site is how easy it is to use and the great features that come along w/ it, such as: revision history (go back to a previous version), chatting, real-time, etc etc. What I'm really curious about is if this is compatible Inspiration which happens to be one of the popular educational outline creators.

The only thing I can hope for now is some type of educational portal/package where teachers can create user accounts for their students and monitor their activity. If this happens, I see this as being a potential gold mine for educators alike.

I highly recommend checking out the demo video below...

Give Thinklinkr a try by clicking here.

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  1. Hi,

    Thanks for helping spread the word.

    We actually do offer an educational version. An institution has its own instance - there's no collaboration with the outside world and teachers control the users. Contact me at to try it out for your school. So far we've gotten really good feedback, like "THANK YOU so much. Our students love your site and it has truly enhanced their learning!"

    We love working with schools because we really believe in education.

    -Vishu Ramanathan co-founder


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