Monday, January 18, 2010

PhotoPeach just got better

PhotoPeach is a slide show making site that I used to suggest for those that wanted to try something a bit different then Animoto. While I prefer Animoto for a straight up slide show, I liked the fact that PhotoPeach had a little interaction built-in. For example, a person after watching the slide show could leave a comment in "real-time" that would then show up for others to view. (If only they could leave that as option to be reviewed before going "live" that would be great).

After reading the award nominated blog, Life Feast, I have discovered that you can now create quizzes very easily in this site as well. All a user has to do is click on the edit/captions+photos button and select Quiz. From there type in your question and answers and you are all set. Very easy!!!

I highly recommend checking out PhotoPeach if you haven't, as I think there could be an educational portal in the near future.

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  1. The Photopeach free account will not allow you to upload your own music.


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