Tuesday, January 28, 2014


ClassDojo is one of the most popular free "web 2.0" sites on the web for educators.  This fantastically simple site to use has teachers all over the world integrating ClassDojo into their classroom to help track and manage student behavior.  This is done through a very fun and simple user interface that has educators add a point (for positive or negative behavior) to reinforce appropriate behavior.  Also, CD allows educators to generate detailed classroom reports and share them w/ others (educators/parents) via email.  Finally, ClassDojo has one of the best resource sharing pages I've seen that allows educators to find out how others are using CD in their class, and print out resources too.

I highly recommend checking out ClassDojo by clicking here!!!

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*ClassDojo is an advertiser of Technology Tidbits.

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  1. Hi there! Manoj from Classdojo here. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on ClassDojo. We definitely appreciate your support. We're coming out with a few new features soon, and we'd love to see what you think of it - Email me at stories@classdojo.com if you're up for chatting!


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