Friday, January 31, 2014


Xnote is an innovative iOS app for geocaching that takes going on a scavenger hunt to a whole new level.  For educators that are used to doing QR Code scavenger hunt this will be very familiar as this app allows educators to create virtual messages (that includes text/image) that will only open when a user goes to the "correct" spot/location.  Talk about a fun way to integrate technology and outdoor activities!!!!

Here is more info from their promotional email...  "Teachers, parents and students can use Xnote to create and hide virtual messages outdoors at any GPS-location. Students can be sent on treasure hunts close to school or home to find hidden assignments with images, texts, links etc. A way for parents to use technology to take kids from indoor screen time to fun, healthy activities outdoors. It is as easy as sending an SMS/email.

Xnote teaches children to understand maps, navigation and spatial relations. Finding hidden assignments can teach communication, cooperation and the value of an active outdoor life. It is possible to link messages into tours and send treasure hunts to others using social media or by posting them on blogs or websites."

I highly recommend checking out Xnote by clicking here!!!

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