Thursday, January 9, 2014


DimensionU is a innovative company that specializes in educational games for Math & Literacy.  These games are multiplayer and take place in a 3D virtual world (i.e. Second Life).  What makes DU games so great is that they are aligned to Common Core Standards, have a high replay, and help students work cooperatively for a common goal.  Also, these games are designed for both Primary/Secondary Level and reinforce a wide range of skills.

DimensionU Games
Comprised of four engaging, multiplayer games with access to curriculum in both Math and Literacy, grades 3 – 9. Each game is designed with unique features to bring out distinct academic and strategic skills in students.

I highly recommend checking out DimensionU by clicking here!!!

Click here to view all content available in mathematics.
Click here to view all content available in literacy.

Meltdown is the DimensionU game that offers students a second chance when answering difficult questions, and rewards creative strategies to achieve victory.

Swarm is DimensionU's team-based game that most strongly reinforces cooperation and collaboration between students to achieve a common goal

Towerstorm is the DimensionU game that is best for working through the most curriculum in the shortest amount of time.

Velocity is DimensionU's high-speed obstacle course that ensures players answer questions correctly in order to continue progressing through the race.

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