Saturday, January 25, 2014

Wandoo Planet

Wandoo Planet is a new project that is in beta testing stages right now to help build an app that is kid-powered genome project.  The way this works is kids (6-14 yrs old) will play a interest-finding game that will help them choose movies and books through their personalized recommendation engine.  Also, the more the student plays the game the "smarter" the engine will get through its "adaptive learning system" algorithm (i.e. Web 3.0 anyone).

Here is more info from their promotional email...

“Leveraging children's interests is a powerful tactic when it comes to fighting reading deficiency, but unfortunately, it is not something that has been put into widespread practice,” said Rob Cullin, president and co-founder of Evanced Solutions. “Wandoo Planet was created to offer children a platform that lets them choose and discover their individual interests to promote reading success. We welcome the feedback of our beta testers who will help us make the game even better before its official release this spring.”

For more information on Wandoo Planet or if you want to try out to be a beta tester click here.

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