Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Been for Education

Been the innovative site for visually bookmarking a site and collaborating has just launched a educational portal that makes it perfect for educators to use w/ their class.  This free web tool is not only ideal for social bookmarking in schools but real-time collaborative web browsing as well.  Been's new web portal now allows for educators to create student accounts, and communicate w/ them in real-time while bookmarking/browsing the web.

This is ideal for Guided Learning, Flipping a Classroom, Project Based Learning, and can be used by any subject or curriculum.  Educators can use it to create internet scavenger hunts, to research/introduce a topic, or any other number of possibilities.

The educator account is perfect for moderating student's Beens (bookmarks/collections), comments, resetting passwords, etc.  Being "housed" inside of an educational portal allows for educators to see public Beens but only allows for students to see those of their teacher.  Teachers can also collaborate w/ their peers to allow for collective Beens that can be use for group projects.

Finally, the ability to collaboratively surf the web when being on the same page allows for students/educators to share comments and surf together to guide instruction.  Also, educators can assess students who have questions when surfing the web or researching a topic.

I highly recommend checking out Been for Education by clicking here!!!

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Below is a demo video on collaboratively surfing on Been....

4. Surf Together in Class! from Been on Vimeo.

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