Monday, March 24, 2014


Swivl is an innovative robotic device (accompanied w/ mobile app) that holds a mobile device (i.e tablet, iPad, iPhone etc.) and records while following along what the user holding the Swivl remote is doing.  For example, if a teacher is giving a lecture or wants to record themselves or students then would use the Swivl to record the event w/out the limits of having to stand in one spot in front of a camera.  The Swivl will will turn/rote or raise up/down to record what the teacher is doing.

Also, Swivl has a secure cloud environment for sharing video and a user can use the mobile app to edit their video as well as add other content to their video (i.e. images, slides, etc.)  This is great for educators who want to Flip their classroom, assess themselves or students, and even for giving professional development.

I highly recommend checking out Swivl by clicking here!!!

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