Thursday, March 20, 2014

Letter Battle

Letter Battle is a super fun iOS app that I just downloaded for my kids to work on their Spelling skills.  This is a great RPG type game (grades 1st-4th) where a user can select their skill level and type of word (i.e. Science, School, Vacation, etc) to embark on an epic adventure.  Basically, it works like any turn based strategy game but uses spelling as the means of attack.  If a player spells the word wrong they will miss.  The goal is to defeat enemies, collect power ups, and advance levels as they complete their quest.  Best of all a educator/parent can create custom word lists to integrate into the game.

I highly recommend checking out Letter Battle by clicking here!!!

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I also recommend checking out SpellingCity for all Spelling/Vocabulary needs.

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  1. My boys can not get enough of this one. They are 5 and 7. Thanks for the great recommendation.


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