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Top 100 Sites/Apps for Game Based Learning

This is going to be one of my most ambitious posts yet, as I have curated a gigantic list of my favorite sites/apps for Game Based Learning (a.k.a Gamification).  I've done posts on educational iOS Apps and Educational Online Games but I have never combined the two and curated a list that specifically deals w/ GBL.  The resources below will vary from drill and practice to all out epic adventures in 3D virtual worlds, to help Gamify a classroom.  One theme I have noticed is that the subject of Math uses the concept of Game Based Learning quite often.  I hope you enjoy this list as much as I have in creating it.

*This list is in alphabet order.
** mobile app

Top 100 Sites/Apps for Game Based Learning

  1. **4 Dice: Fractions - A super fun iOS game that can be played on up to 5 devices as students hone their Fraction skills (i.e. adding, dividing, etc.) while combining rolling dice and bowling.
  2. **5 Dice: Order of Operations - A great iOS game that has students playing solo/multiplayer as they roll dice and try to use numbers and operations to "hit" the target number.
  3. ABCya - A fantastic company w/ a wide variety of educational online games and iOS apps for a number of different subjects grades K-5th.
  4. **Adam Dream: Numbers Nightmare - Explore different worlds as you help Adam overcome enemies using basic Math skills, in this wonderful fantasy filled iOS game.
  5. **Amazing Alex - A nice iOS game from the creators of Angry Birds that focuses on the concept of Rube Goldberg Machines.
  6. **Angle Asteroids - A fun iOS app for learning about angles by shooting asteroids w/ your spaceship.
  7. Answerables - A innovative 3D virtual world that allows educators to Gamify their lessons in this cross between Game Based Learning and Learning Management System.
  8. Arcademic Skill Builders - Amazing site w/ educational games and portal to allow for student tracking and  progress reports in Math, Reading, and more.
  9. Arcoiris - A nice simple site for finding educational games in both English and Spanish.
  10. **Axiom - A nice iOS game that has students controlling a ship and picking up numbers/operations to solve different Math equations in over 80 levels of play.
  11. Back Pack Games - A wonderful site filled w/ lots of educational games aligned to Common Core Standards in the subjects of Math & Science.
  12. BrainNook - A game w/ educational portal for Math and Language Arts that allows educators to moderate all aspects of student behavior.
  13. Cackleberries - A fantastic virtual 3D world for ESL kids 3-7 yrs old learning English through interactive games.
  14. **Champs of Numeria - A fun multiplayer iOS game that uses Connect Four game logic to develop basic Math skills.
  15. **Chima - A nice simple iOS app that has students solving different Math equations in addition/subtractions to defeat mythological creatures.
  16. ClassXP - A excellent way for educators to integrate Game Based Learning through a RPG based student dashboard.
  17. Clever Island - A nice site for 3-8 yr olds for games in Math, Reading, and Phonics.
  18. Cookie - A great site for educational: Math, Reading, Science, and ESL games for El Ed kids.
  19. **Digital Passport - An essential iPad app for kids that has them playing games to learn about Cyber Safety (i.e. bullying, copy right, privacy, etc.).
  20. DimensionU - An amazing site for educational games 3D games for Math and Literacy aligned to Common Core Standards.
  21. **Door 24 - A fantastic iPad that has students working different Math/Algebra problems to help a robot fix his circuits and uncover the mystery behind Door 24.
  22. Fish Smarty - A terrific site w/ educational portal for younger kids to interact in a safe environment and play educational games/activities.
  23. Funbrain - A very popular site for kids looking for Math games and other online activities.
  24. **Futaba - An interesting gaming system for the iPad that allows educators to create the questions and then share them students iPads while they compete to solve the problems.
  25. Fuel the Brain - A fun site for educational games on Math and Reading.
  26. **Gadzookery - A nice Acronym/Spelling iOS game where users try to create sentences w/ words to score against other players.
  27. Game Classroom - A excellent site for Math and Language art games/worksheets for students K-6th.
  28. Gamequarium - One of my favorite sites for games for El Ed kids in Math, Reading, and Science.
  29. GameUp - From the creators of BrainPop, a nice site for animated educational games in Math, Science, Reading, etc.
  30. **GazziliMath - A fun iOS app for young learners as they strengthen their counting, adding, and subtracting skills.
  31. **Grading Game - A great iOS game that turns the student into the "editor" as they look for spelling and grammar errors.
  32. **Grid Lines - A innovative Battleship style Math iOS game that has students plotting points on a plane to defeat their opponent.
  33. **Healthy Heroes 1 & 2 - A fun game iOS game w/ over 30 levels of play that has students feeding different monsters fruits/vegetables to stop them from destroying Yogopolis.
  34. Historia - An excellent History game designed for MS students aligned to Common Core Standards.
  35. **If... - A great iPad game for kids learning about Social and Emotional learning in safe 3D virtual environment.
  36. iPracticeMath - One of the best sites around w/ educational portal (i.e. assessing/student tracking) for finding lots of Math resources, worksheets, and games.
  37. **Jack and the Beanstalk a Mathematical Adventure - A fantastic narrated iPad adventure that has students solving different Math problems (i.e. time, money, etc.) in the world of Jack and the Beanstalk.
  38. **Kids Fun - A fun iPad app for kids as they play over 70 activities/games while discovering nature and it's animals.
  39. Kidz Page - A nice site for educational games, activities, and puzzles for grades K-8th.
  40. Learning Games For Kids - A fun site for lots of educational games such as Typing, Health, and Geography.
  41. **Little Digits - A great iPad app for young kids learning about numbers, adding, and subtracting as well as associating them w/ fingers.
  42. Lure of the Labyrinth - Gamification at it's best in this mysterious adventure Middle School based Pre-Algebra game.
  43. Magnahigh - A wonderful way for educators to teach Math using a Game Based Learning environment where students can compete in a safe environment.
  44. **Marble Math (Jr/Lite) - A collection of different apps that focuses on basic Math skills while trying to guide a marble through a series of challenging puzzles.
  45. **Math Champ Challenge - A great iOS app for lots of Math questions aligned to Common Core Standards using Game Based Learning.
  46. Math Chimp - A nice site for lots of resources, worksheets, and educational games in the different areas of Math.
  47. **Math Evolve - A widely popular iOS game for learning basic Math skills while either playing through Story (Sci Fi shooter type game) or Practice (flash card style practice) mode.
  48. **Math Heroes 1 & 2 - Super fun iOS apps that has students using basic Math skills and the ever popular Yogotars to solve equations and defeat their opponents.
  49. **Math Minute Madness - A fun iOS game that has students try solve 50 basic Math problems in one minute.  As students progress through the game they earn stars that they can redeem for animals that they can put in their virtual zoo.
  50. **Math vs. Undead - A crazy iOS game that has students solving basic Math problems while trying to defeat the cartoony zombie horde in over 30 levels of fun!!
  51. **MathFileFolderGames - A great company that creates fun, multiplayer mobile Math apps in a wide range of topics (i.e. Fractions,  Plotting points on a graph, Tangrams, etc.)
  52. MathGameTime - A great site for educational Math games for K-7th in a wide variety of subjects (i.e. Algebra, Physics, Time, etc.)
  53. **Maths Tree Vs - A fun multiplayer iPad app that has students practicing basic Math skills while trying to drop different objects on top of their opponents.
  54. **Mathtastical - An interesting iOS app that uses Game Based Learning to reinforce Math skills while collecting different power ups to move on up the leader board.
  55. MinecraftEDU - Is the educational version of the mega popular PC hit being used in classrooms throughout the world.
  56. **Moody Monster Manor - A nice iOS game for kids 3-8 yrs old learning about emotions as well as critical thinking skills.
  57. **Mystery Math Town/Museum - Two amazing iPad apps that has students finding numbers and solving equations while exploring a mysterious town/museum filled w/ enigmatic characters.
  58. **Numbers League - A fantastic iPad app that uses a comic book style to have kids of all ages working on their different Math skills.
  59. **Operation Math - A wonderful iPad app that has students using basic Math skills to defeat Dr. Odd in this spy filled game of over a 100 missions.
  60. **Ordered Fractions - A nice multiplayer Math game that has comparing and putting fractions in order.  Also, this game is aligned to Common Core Standard and can send progress reports to pareants/teachers via email.
  61. PhyFun - A nice site for Physics based games.
  62. PlayBrighter - A innovative site that uses an animated virtual environment to teach kids through educational games and lessons the teachers setup.
  63. Play Kids Games - A fun site w/ educational portal that allows educators to create a classroom and track their educational games.
  64. PowerMyLearning - Great site for educators to search for games by Common Core Standard, build playlists, and track student progress.
  65. **Presidents vs. Aliens - A very fun iOS game that reminds me of Space Invaders as you fling US Presidents at the incoming aliens.  A great app for History teachers and learning about different facts of the 44 US Presidents.
  66. QR Wild - A cool site for creating and playing QR code based games.
  67. Quandary - One of my favorite sites/apps for Game Based Learning that has students making ethical/social decisions in a science fiction based world.
  68. **Questimate - A fun iPad app that has students create the questions to be answered in this multiplayer game.
  69. **Quiz Dungeon - A innovative iOS app that uses RPG elements to reinforce basic Math skills.
  70. **Recycle Hero - One of my favorite iOS apps for learning about the environment/recycling by playing through a variety of games.
  71. RoomRecess - A wonderful site w/ lots of educational games for students K-5.
  72. **Save the Sushi - A great iOS app for students learning their Multiplication tables while earning badges and playing w/ their friends.
  73. **Science Heroes - A excellent iOS app that has students challenging 5 different bosses in 15 different missions to explore the different regions of the Digestion system (i.e. mouth, stomach, intestine, etc.).
  74. Science Monster - A fun site for finding lots of lessons, apps, and games for the different areas of Science.
  75. **Shake-a-Phrase - A super fun iOS app that helps students w/ Vocabulary, parts of a sentence, and even create Writing prompts.
  76. Sheppard Software - A nice site for lots of educational games and activities in a wide range of subjects.
  77. **Sight Words Hangman - A great iOS app game that focuses on over 300 sight words and 30 word lists to help teach students.
  78. SimCityEDU - The award winning PC game now has educational portal to allow for Game Based Learning aligned to Common Core Standards.
  79. **Skip Math - A fun iOS jumping game that uses computational fluency (i.e. counting by 2's, 4's, etc.) to help land on the correct number.
  80. Skoolbo - A virtual world filled w/ educational games to help kids 4-10 yrs old in Literacy and Math.
  81. **Slice Fractions - A nice iOS game for learning the basics of Fractions w/ high replay value.
  82. **Spelling Hero - A excellent iOS app that uses a flash card style game to help users learn how to spell different words and their definition.
  83. SpellingCity - A fantastic site/app for students to find educational games for Spelling and Vocabulary.  Also, there is an educational portal for teachers where they create their own custom word lists to incorporate into the games.
  84. Spree Games - A great site for finding lots of games for K-12, as well as creating lists of your favorite games.
  85. **Sugar Shake - A interesting iPad game for Chemistry that has students shaking/tilting sugar molecules to set off chemical reactions.
  86. Sumdog - A excellent site/app w/ educational portal that allows educators to track students progress in educational competitive games.  Also, the games tailor to differentiated instruction to meet student needs.
  87. **Sushi Monster - A fun iOS game that has students practicing Multiplication/Addition to help feed a sushi monster by building equations.
  88. **Tangram Chess - A innovative Math iOS game that has students moving shapes across a chess board to complete their tangram using: translations, rotations, and reflections.
  89. Teach w/ Portals - Gamify your classroom w/ the award winning PC game Portal 2.
  90. Time Tribe - One of the most innovative sites/apps around for learning about history and different cultures by playing this mystery based time travel adventure.
  91. **TinyTap - A wonderful iOS app that allows users to create educational games or play those of others.
  92. Tutpup - A cool site for Math and Spelling games where you compete against other players.
  93. What2Learn - A neat site where students can create and play the games of others.
  94. Wonderville - A terrific site w/ lots of resources of educators including: games, puzzles, lessons, and more.
  95. **World's Worst Pet - A wonderful iPad app for helping students w/ their Vocabulary skills through four different games.
  96. **YodelOh Math Mountain - A fun iOS game aligned to Common Core Standards that has students solving basic Math equations while climbing up a mountain.
  97. **Yogome - A fantastic company w/ lots of educational mobile apps in areas such as: Math, Science, and even Recycling.
  98. **Zeus vs. Monsters - A super fun Android app for practicing basic Math skills (i.e. addition, multiplication, etc.) while defending Olympus from mythologic villains.
  99. Zondle - A innovative site that allows educators to create educational games and share w/ others.
  100. ZooWhiz - A fun site for kids 5-15 yrs old to develop their Math and Reading skills by creating their own virtual zoo.

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  1. These are some really amazing resources to find some awesome game based learning. I have also found a lovely skill enhancing game; "Feed Your Bird" on app store that I thought I must share it with you.


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