Tuesday, March 17, 2009

AR Sights

AR Sights is a company that deals w/ virtual and augmented reality. AR is the implementation of digital technology into the "real" world. I first learned of this site from iLearning's blog, and have been completely blown away ever since.

Basically, what you can do from this site is browse Google Earth online, no download necessary. Just wait.... it gets better. Not only can you browse Google Earth online, but you can open up any Google Earth "landmark" on your desktop and I'm not referring to your computer. It is kind of like a cross between a hologram and VR, think R2D2 when he is displaying Obi One Kenobi via Princess Leia's message and you would not be to far off.

A downside is this is only available for Windows right now, but the educational possibilities are endless (virtual tours, Google Sketch-Up incorporation, etc.)

For more info click here.

Below is an AR example of the Statue of Liberty...

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