Wednesday, March 25, 2009

New Google?

Upon reading every techies favorite blog, Lifehacker (ok, there may be one person out there who feels different, umm, maybe two ;-) I discovered that Google has some new tricks up their sleeves. I almost find myself daily asking, "is there anything that Google doesn't get involved in?" and usually there isn't.

Google now has a prototype running on their search engine which you all can be a part of by just pasting in this information in the address bar (not search bar) after going to Google.

This will put a "cookie" in your browser to let you try out the new features of Google, just delete the "cookie" to go back to normal.

After you install that you'll notice a button above your search called "show options" click on that.

Once you have done that you'll see three new views on the left side of the screen which are new to Google and that you can click on.....

Below is an example of the Wonder Wheel which is also interactive.

Another nice feature is the Timeline view. This puts your search in a timeline w/ text underneath, showing what events happened when, w/ links to their corresponding sites (think United Streaming timeline).
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