Monday, March 9, 2009

Digital Vaults

Digital Vaults is a new site put together by the National Archives (a great history resource). After exploring this site it has to be one of the most unique, engaging, online experiences I've ever had. It truly is a site to behold.

What DV is a place where historical records, photos, and documents are kept. At this site a user can either create a Digital Poster, Movie (my favorite) or a Pathway Challenge. A Pathway Challenge is a great way to lean history and see how historical items are "linked" together.

For more info click here or for another more in-depth review click on Kelly Tenkley's wonderful blog, iLearning.

Below is an example of a Digital Vault movie.

TIP: One thing to keep in mind this site is very flash intensive so you will need the latest plugins to view how it should be (this does make the site run slow/boggy on some networks/older machines)
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