Monday, March 30, 2009


EyePlorer is a great new site (still in beta) that can be summed up as a visual search engine for WikiPedia. I just learned of this site on one of my favorite blogs, Free Technology 4 Teachers. This is one of the better online search engines to come around in a long time and deserves a look.

What I love about EyePlorer is how unique and easy to use it is. At first glance it looks like a giant color wheel. All you have to do is type in your search in the "search bar" and watch what happens (ignore the german, the site runs in English).

Surrounding the search bar are your hits. The more you specify your search terms, the less cluttered your "wheel" becomes. This is a great way to show students the importance of "surfing effectively".

Also, another great feature is when you click on a "hit", you can drag and drop it to the EyePlorer notebook which is located to the right of the "wheel". This is a great way for students to organize their results.

For more info click here.
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  1. Dave,

    I gotta' say I think you're doing a great job on this blog. Keep up the great work!


  2. Thanks Larry coming from you that means a lot. I'm just trying to "hold my own" as I learn from the great mentors such as yourself ;-)

  3. Thanks a lot for mentioning, glad you like the tool! Should you have any questions or suggestions how we could improve our knowledge workbench just drop me a line, please (


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