Wednesday, March 11, 2009 is an online solution for sharing/collaborating (real time)/streaming all sorts of documents and media. Think of it as Google Doc's w/ a lot more options.

The first thing that you'll notice about is the vast amounts of options that you can do. First, it is real-time collaborating (such as Ether Pad), any comments, files you upload, or documents you share are uploaded in real time online, no emailing is required. Second, there are features that are unique to that seperates it from other online resources. One of the nicest features is the ability to record/upload an audio file to any "drop box". This will help explain to your user what you want them to do. Another nice feature is a Chat feature similar to Google Doc's and even the ability to change the way you view your content.

However, while does has some more robust features then Google Doc's it does lack in one key category and that is the ability to "house" itself inside of Gaggle which then filters all email inside of Google. This feature and this feature alone is one reason why Google is the way to go when using w/ a school. Another reason to go w/ Google is the huge amounts of resources online already available.

For more info click here.

If you're looking for just an easy way to do filesharing/document creation online, Shutterborg is a nice solution too.
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