Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Document Palette

Document Palette is a nice fee app for opening documents. It resembles a cross between Spotlight and Quicksilver, but works only on documents.

I think DP is a very handy app for those users that like to use short cuts. First, download the app, allow it to "tweak" your start-up items, and hold down the follow keys: command+option+control+n. This will then bring up the Document Palette. From there you can select what kind of document you want to launch: rtf, text, Word, Pages, etc.

What makes Palette so great is the ability to manage what kind of documents/apps that you can open w/ the DP key shortcut. That is done by going into the settings and adding what kind of things you want to launch, very easy/handy.

Download Document Palette by clicking here.

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