Thursday, July 23, 2009


WhatsOpen is a free application for the Mac that is a cross between the Force Quit utility and Activity Monitor. It is designed to free up files so you can eject media, which can be a pain to figure out. For example, have you ever tried to eject a CD and the error message "can't eject volume because it is in use," and after force quitting the app it still doesn't eject? Well, w/ this app you can figure out exactly what process are running.

Also, WhatsOpen like Activity Monitor shows you not only what applications are running, but you can pause process or kill a process too. One of the features I was really impressed w/ is the ability click on a process and either find documents linked to it on your HD, or click the Google button to search Google. This can be very handy when trying to troubleshoot and you don't want to copy/paste into your browser.

Download WhatsOpen by clicking here.
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