Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Larry Ferlazzo does it again w/ this great find for creating online sketches, Odosketch. Odosketch is a new site that is great for anyone who loves to create/draw and then post their art work online.

The first thing you'll notice after browsing their impressive gallery, is how easy it is to use. Just click on your drawing utensil and draw away. Best of all, is the more you draw over a line the darker it gets, as well as the same as erasing. The more you move the eraser over the line the lighter this gets. Anybody who has drawn w/ a pencil before will be amazed at how realistic this is.

Check out my example below that I like to call, Apple Smurf.

Give Odosketch a try it's definitely worth a look!!!
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  1. I love the easiness too. Your smurf certainly trumps my squiggles!


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