Monday, July 6, 2009


Strutta is an excellent new site for creating online contests. What makes this so great: is the very sleek looking design, super-easy user interface, and ability to moderate all content before it gets posted online. This is ideal for a school setting when having to abide by CIPA/COPPA compliance.

To start off, you have to select what type on contest you want to create. This means picking if you want to use the free/paid version. After that, you then select what kind of media you want your contest to fore-take.

After you have selected your media, you then get to decide how each contest is judged. This can either be done by popular vote, internally, or as a committee.

Finally, you can set the moderation so nothing can get posted online w/out your approval. This is such a great feature which is almost a "must" for education.

Give my sample contest a try by clicking here.
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  1. Thanks very much this, David.

    If you run into any questions (from yourself of your readers) we'd be happy to answer them.


    Jordan Behan


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