Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Image Chef

Image Chef is a fun new site I learned about from iLearn Technology, a terrific blog. What makes this site so great are all the different options a user has to create different things, such as: Word Mosaics, animations (ie, Glogster), poetry, drawings, etc etc.

The aspect I find useful for education is the Word Mosaic which is similar to Wordle. However, for ease of use, Wordle is really the way to go. For example, in Wordle you just type in your words, and can specify how you want the layout to look. In IC, you have the ability to draw your own shape (which is nice), or choose from a select few. This gets a bit convoluted when you type in a bunch of words. See my pic below for an example (this is only 3 words, if you type more they keep getting smaller)....

ImageChef Word Mosaic -

Another aspect which I'm sure will get resolved is on which browser this site works. I had to use Safari because my version of Firefox or Wyzo weren't compatible.

That being said, Image Chef is a lot of fun and definitely worth a look.

Give Image Chef a try by clicking here!!

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