Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Slatebox is a new (beta) site that I read about on Richard Byrne's incredible blog. This is the ultimate tool for creating "web 2.0" style mind maps and organizational charts.

Right off that bat, you'll be impressed w/ how easy it is to login. If you have an existing Google/FB/Open ID etc. account you can log right in. If not, simply register for a new one, by giving an email address and password. Once you are in, you are treated to some very easy to follow tutorials.

Another great aspect are the different templates you can choose to create your own slate. This is done by selecting one of the themes and then editing it to meet your needs.

Finally, after you have created your slate or chart, you can collaborate w/ other users which is very easy to do using SB. Of all the "web 2.o" apps I've tried this ranks right up there w/ how user friendly it is.

Below is my sample slate...

Give Slatebox a try by clicking here.

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  1. Thank you for the kind review. My name is Tim and I'm the creator of SlateBox. I'm working on creating an even more intuitive user interface.


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