Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Book Army

Book Army is a new site (beta) that is very similar to Shelfari. It's a web 2.0 site where people can go to collaborate on books.

Those of us familiar w/ social technology will have no problem jumping into the mix. Register an account, search for friends, select your books, rate/review, join groups, view videos, etc etc.....

If I had to compare the two, I would say Shelfari has a nicer look to it, and might be a tad more user friendly. I'm not trying to suggest that BA is hard to use, but the overall look to it seems to get a bit cluttered at times.

However, there are some nice features to Book Army that sets it apart from others. For example, there is a button by each book w/ a plus sign. Click on that and it will take you to Amazon to purchase the book. Also, there is a word bubble icon next to each book that you can click on which will bring you into a chat discussing that specific book.

All and all Book Army is a great new site that readers/authors alike will have a great time collaborating on!!!

Give it a look by clicking here.

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