Monday, May 11, 2009


Stupeflix is a video creation site for creating beautiful looking "mash-ups". After giving it a try, it reminds me of a cross between Remix America and Animoto; combining the "mash-up" ability of RA, w/ the transitions/effects of Animoto.

What makes Stupeflix such an attractive option for users are the vast amount of features it offers, such as: speed (super fast rendering times), video uploads (text, audio, pics), effects, templates, etc. Plus, Stupeflix provides an API (Application Programming Interface) which allows users/web designers to embed/encode videos into their site.

Another great feature of Stupeflix is the unique user interface for creating videos. At first glance it might not seem as "user friendly" as other video apps but that is not the case, it's just different. Everything is drag/drop and "housed" in containers. Users of eZedia will feel right at home w/ this type of application.

To the left is a screen shot of video editor. Notice how images/videos are arranged in groups by dragging/dropping.

Also, you can click on a plus sign to add text to your video/image!!

Text/Transitions/Effects can all be added from the editing menus!!

Give Stupeflix a try by clicking here.

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