Friday, May 1, 2009


Wyzo is a new browser built on P2P technologies. After using it for awhile I can best describe it as a cross between Opera/Firefox w/ some Chrome mixed in, and Safari sprinkled on top.

Since all browsers pretty much do the same thing (ahem browse) I'll discuss what I like best about it. Wyzo is a browser which is ideal for users who do a lot of multi-media/flash searches or for those who do a lot of downloading. I went to a lot of flash/java "heavy" sites and noticed a significant difference. Also, downloading does go faster due to their multi-source downloading ability.

If bit torrents are your cup of tea, Wyzo is another great choice to use as you can do it right in the browser, no need to use an external app (Opera users will be familiar w/ this).

The use of tabs is very similar to Safari you can drag/drop it in the order you like etc. Also, there are some nice security features you can control. Finally, CoolIris is built-in which makes for a nice visual experience.

I highly recommend giving Wyzo a look.

You can download it by clicking here.

Below is a pic of its preference settings...

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