Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Mixbook is an exciting/new site for creating: digital stories, online scrapbooks, and storyboards. After giving it a try I have to say it is one of the best resources out there for doing digital storytelling/storybooks.

For example, there is a project that we do here where our 6th graders create storybooks in iPhoto and then either print (via PDF) or order via Apple's online service. While this is great, it is limited to the fact that it only works on computers that have iPhoto. This is very limiting to students who don't have a Mac at home. Mixbook would eliminate this problem and make the project much more "universal/open". Plus, they can share their project online w/ others to view/comment/collaborate (web 2.0).

Another great feature to Mixbook are the educational features. In here you can create your own environment for others to view/edit your books. Think Google Doc's but instead of working w/ text you are working w/ photos, a really nice feature!!!

For more info on Mixbook for education click here.

The actual creation of the book is very easy. Any user of iPhoto will have no problem picking it up as the user interface is quite similar. You can select from a variety of: themes, backgrounds, text, and stickers. The only downside to this is the speed of all of this. Bandwidth comes into play when dealing w/ an "online" application.

Below is an example of my short Mixbook example...

BTW, if you'd like to learn more on our wonderful 6th Grade iPhoto Storybook project click here. (iPhoto Project) Special thanks to our 6th Grade English teachers who are trend setters/technology pioneers!!!

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