Thursday, May 7, 2009


VocabGrabber is a new site from the creators of Visual Thesaurus. I first heard of VG from Larry Ferlazzo, and then was greeted w/ a very nice email (from them) regarding it's tremendous use in education.

According to their press release VocabGrabber is a tool "that helps teachers and students target the key vocabulary from a text within seconds." It actually is very similar to Word Sift w/ a lot more features.

VG is very easy to use. As w/ Word Sift, just copy/paste text and click grab vocabulary. The words in your text will be sorted/filtered; while the most relevant vocab words will appear in a nice tag cloud w/ a bar graphing breaking down subject relevance.

Another great feature is the visual concept map that is located to the right of the "tag cloud". This graphic is linked to the Visual Thesaurus which is another interesting experience in it's own right. From there you can view your words, see how they are linked, and even have them read back to you via the play-back button. Definitely worth a look!!!

Give VocabGrabber a try by clicking here.

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