Thursday, April 30, 2009

ViewAt is a new site which is simply amazing for doing panoramas. Any educator interested in doing photography or digital art should really check this site out.

" was born with the idea of creating a virtual space where anybody can upload their photographic works in panoramic format and relate them to the place where they were taken. For that reason, and with the aid of technological developments that have made it possible to set up this visual manager, we aim to take web surfers to almost real spaces. Unlike traditional photography, the panoramic image creates a wrap-around sensation which we have tried to exploit to the full, thanks mainly to Shockwave Flash player, which allows us to include multimedia elements on the webpage and to fantastic developments such as Flash Panoramas and Google Maps.

Basically, ViewAt is a place where people can share/upload there panoramas and then comment on them. Also, if you choose to set your panorama to "public" it allows people to grab the html code and embed in their site/blog. It's a little bit more tricky then just that and some knowledge of html/code would be helpful.

Words can't do this site justice and I recommend checking it out for yourself by clicking here!!

Below is a ViewAt panoramic example...

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