Saturday, August 8, 2009

Blog Companion: Volume II

Due to the very warm response I decided to create another volume of "cliff notes" to my blog. I like to refer to them as "blog companions" that helps the reader focus on some of the more significant online tools. I hope that people will find this as a useful resource and feel free to use it in any format that works for them.

However, keep in mind that these tools while valuable should be used w/ regards to their district's online acceptable use policy and CIPA compliance.

I hope to continue to bring you these companions that will focus on specific genres such as: multi-media, art, and technical assets.

One last thing I'd like to point out is that underneath the Blog Companion gadget on the right side of the screen, you'll notice a list of links called Blog Companions. This is where I will keep past volumes so others can view/download them at any time.

Again, thanks for reading and please feel free to comment as it helps me gauge how I can best meet people's needs.

Blog Companion V. II formats:


  1. Hey David,
    Thank you for the Blog Companions. You're right they do help us to foucus. :) I have added your blog to my google reader. Thank you for your excellent work and for taking the time to share.

  2. Alex, thanks for your kind words, I also checked out your site and was thoroughly impressed. I'll be working on my next volume in about a week.

    I'm glad educators are finding these useful!!


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